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ADVANCED COLOR PROTECTION system guarantees ultimate protection and long-lasting hair color menaced by: frequent shampoos, UV rays, sea salt and chlorine, heat styling and improper choice of hair styling products. ACP is composed by 3 specific sub-systems according to hair type needs: NOURISHING system for treated hair, RESTRUCTURING system for damaged hair and VOLUMIZING system for fine hair. Alongside with these systems, Itely Hairfashion lab has created 4 indispensable synergic products to support hair color protection and maintenance. ADVANCED COLOR PROTECTION validity is guaranteed by the effective and innovative active principles of its formula, dermatologically tested and sulfate free! ACP Complex (with Melanin) protects colored, decolored and permed hair against free radicals, features anti-fade properties and keeps the hair healthy, brilliant and vigorous. Other ingredients, featuring antioxidizing and repairing properties, nourish the hair while imparting shine and body. They also perform excellent restructuring and moisturizing actions. Moreover ACP products strengthen the hair, thus extending the life of hair color.