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Senoj Voted Best of Bloomington, 2010

Best of Bloomington 2010

Chaz Mottinger | IDS

Senoj Salon has a chic interior.

Best Place for Haircut/Hairstyle: Senoj Salon

By  Adam Lukach | Weekend
Dec. 1, 2010

Last December, Senoj Salon opened its doors to all seeking a haircut in Bloomington. This December, it was voted Best Place for a Haircut in the Best of Bloomington poll.

“I appreciate the loyalty from my customers,” owner and designer Elizabeth Robinson said. “I’ve cut hair in Bloomington for 14 years and that they continued to come to me gave me the confidence to do this.”

It’s always been a dream of Robinson’s to open up her own salon, and Senoj represents that dream come to fruition. Located at the intersection of Lincoln and West Third Street, the salon was minimally staffed at first, with just Robinson and her aesthetician.

Now there are several stylists, all of whom are required to test their abilities by cutting hair in front of Robinson, including Robinson’s own hair, before they are hired. The idea is to create a team-oriented atmosphere at a chic and modern salon.

“If they can cut and handle my hair, then they should be able to handle anyone’s,” Robinson said.

That’s why an initial appointment includes a consultation as well as a cut. The idea is to eliminate the guess work involved with cutting hair by opening communication, looking at pictures and making sure that measurements are consistent.

“We want to make sure that your half-inch is the same as ours,” she said.

Senoj offers “pretty much everything” Robinson said, including manicures and pedicures, colorations and body waxing. They also give clients a hair washing and scalp massage with every cut, complete with totally reclining chairs.

The chairs are one of several gadgets at the salon, which has several different waiting areas, one with massage chairs for clients and another with a TV for those who are waiting on someone else to finish. The salon also has rotating full-length mirrors and hair dryers that hang from the ceiling for easy use.

“We want to include all of the good parts about getting your hair cut,” said designer Patty Lewis, who has only been at Senoj for a few months but has been cutting hair for 25 years.

“And I honestly think the hair dryers are better from the ceiling. The higher angle allows for a much more modern styling.”

Senoj expects to add a masseuse to its lineup very soon, just another element that Robinson said she hopes will minimize the fear of new customers.

“Since I’ve been cutting hair, I’ve heard from a lot that people are just afraid to come in to a new place,” Robinson said. “We want to make it a positive experience so people won’t be afraid to give us a chance.”