Face Matching: Rule of thumb

At some point most hairstyles have a sharp line or accent line. Be sure this line is at your best feature as the viewers eye will naturally focus on that spot. Make doubly sure that line or accent doesn't point to your worst feature. If your nose is somewhat generous, you don't want people focused on it.

Many women wear long hairstyles because their significant other demands it, or because she is insecure and hides behind her hair. You should wear the hairstyles 'best' suited to you, and as long as you are hiding behind your hair, your confidence level can't increase and will therefor affect your earnings and success in life.

The weight line of the hairstyles is at or above the ear line.

The cut line of the hairstyles is between the ear and the jaw line.

The weight line of the hairstyles is between the jaw and the shoulder.

Below the shoulder hairstyles.

If you have a round face try a cut that goes just below your chin to help elongate the face. If your hair is already short go for a bit of height on top by teasing and texturizing, with less bulk on the sides of the face to minimize roundness. You should avoid one length blunt cuts or curly short hair.

For a long, or oblong face definitely try a brow skimming bang with maybe a shoulder length bob. A chin length bob is also a great way to add width. Curls and waves are a great way to give the illusion of width. You should avoid an extremely short cut and anything longer than the shoulders, that will only draw more attention to the length.

If you have a square face add lots of layers. Add lots of texture, curls, and choppy ends. Break up the structure into sections and try to accentuate the features such as eyes, cheek bones, chin line. You are a great type for the long sleek layered look with angles beginning at the chin or cheek bone. You should also avoid bangs and bobs.

For an oval face you should highlight your best feature. You have the most versatile face shape and can create almost any look you want. For someone with great bone structure you would look great with the angled bob. To accentuate glamorous eyes, try a swoop bang. Long beachy waves are a great enhancement for the perfect oval shaped face. To avoid a pyramid look, avoid a blunt cut. If curls are a problem, try shoulder length or longer to pull them down.

If you have a heart shaped face, your best bet is to accentuate your eyes or cheekbones. For long hair, try layers that are whispy and begin around the cheek bone. For short hair, keep the layers a bit longer. A fringy bang is also a great look for your face shape. You should remember to avoid a blunt bang or blunt and choppy layers.