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Are you thinking about your hair right now.

How many times per day do you check out your hair in a mirror or the reflection in a window as you pass by. How often do you touch or think about our hair throughout the day? Wondering if that special someone is noticing your hair?

These are the common situations we all find ourselves in and its why we spend more personal care time on our hair than any other aspect of our appearance. The way our hair feels, looks, or moves affects our mood and confidence. Each of your unique personalities and lifestyles defines you in this cycle of your life. Let us simplify the process and give your hair a confidence booster. We've identified some common nuisances and misconceptions, take a few to find out more.

Face Shapes

See the face matching rule of thumb and best practices for you face shape.

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The scoop on microdermabrasion and its rejuvenation powers.

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Post Breakup Hair

Jack may not know it yet, but Jill is washing that man right out of her hair.

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